Employee Non Compete Agreements


The law firm of Gleason & Favarote LLP represents clients with non-compete agreement issues in Los Angeles and throughout California. Since we have handled many employment law cases, we know how to lead businesses and individuals through the challenges involved with employee non-compete agreements. These matters can become even more complicated when other states with different laws become involved through a company’s headquarters or the relocation of an employee. With so much at stake for employers and their employees, it is wise to consult us from the start to determine the validity of a non-compete agreement in California.

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With very limited exceptions, non-competition agreements are prohibited under California law. Employees can benefit from obtain sound legal advice that considers their circumstances and how non-compete agreements may properly be obtained.

For employers, it is important to understand the proper scope of such agreements before attempting to obtain non-compete agreements from employees or potential employees. Employers must also obtain advice about the enforceability of non-compete agreements before hiring an employee purportedly subject to a non-compete agreement.

As experienced employee contract attorneys, we provide the guidance to determine the validity of non-compete agreements and form a sound plan of action. From our history of quality representation, we are confident in our capacity to resolve employee non-compete issues and to protect the best interests of our clients.

We are committed to providing helpful representation that resolves employment law issues in an efficient manner. Our pragmatic approach identifies legal options that are cost-effective. We understand the tight budgets our clients face in California’s current economic environment.

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