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i-classandrepresentativeactionsLegal Representation to Resolve Employment and Wage & Hour Class Action Issues

Relationships between employers and employees are often complex and multifaceted. The federal and state laws that govern these workplace relations are even more intricate. Attorneys experienced in employment law are an asset for their clients. At Gleason & Favarote, LLP, our lawyers provide skilled representation for clients throughout California. We are committed to providing quality, cost-effective labor and employment law representation.

California Employment and Wage & Hour Class Action Litigation Attorneys

Our senior attorneys are experienced in virtually every aspect of employment law. Over the years, we have established a reputation for effective representation and excellent client service. We know that in today’s economy, clients have a greater need than ever for capable legal counsel at affordable rates. It is our firm’s philosophy that this can be achieved by using our experience to identify legal options and strategies aimed at achieving effective resolutions for every case.

From the start, we use a pragmatic approach and inform clients of all known strengths and weaknesses of their claim or defenses. From experience, we know employment litigation comes in all shapes and sizes and that the approach a client decides to follow when dealing with employment-related litigation is often dictated by the individual needs of each client. Our knowledgeable attorneys are savvy negotiators and litigators poised to take on any employment law case in the manner deemed most appropriate after careful and thorough consultation with the client.

Indeed, clients throughout California rely on our skilled representation for a variety of issues in cases that we handle all over the state from Sacramento to San Diego. We routinely handle cases involving employment discrimination, workplace harassmentwrongful termination, wage and hour litigation, and class actions. We provide clients with ongoing employment counseling on the full range of day-to-day employment law issues. We also provide clients with training on employment law issues, and conduct workplace investigations. For every matter in which we are engaged, our goal is to protect our client’s interests.

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If you would like to discuss an employment law or litigation issue in California, contact us. Please call 213-452-0510 or send an e-mail to arrange a free initial consultation with a qualified lawyer. As a law firm committed to a capable client service and communication, we have Spanish, Mandarin and Vietnamese translation services available.