Workplace Harassment


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It is important for every business to have workplace harassment policies and procedures in place. Even with these standard safeguards, serious issues can develop that are best handled by an experienced attorney. In these instances, effective legal counsel can resolve workplace harassment claims with efficiency. Gleason & Favarote LLP is dedicated to employment law. From our Los Angeles area law firm, senior attorneys represent large public corporations and small private businesses throughout California.

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Workplace harassment usually involves claims of misconduct or a hostile work environment based on sex or some other protected category. Harassment frequently arises in other employment-related claims, including employment discrimination and wrongful termination. Any workplace harassment case requires astute legal defense and an effective resolution strategy. Even though most cases are resolved through motions or settlement, it is vital to defend each case with the confidence required to win through trial. From our background in virtually every aspect of employment law, we have the skill to handle any workplace harassment case with the quality service that is the hallmark of our law firm. Our senior lawyers are dedicated to the effective resolution of every issue.

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