Employment Law


It is not uncommon for businesses to face employment law and litigation issues. An experienced lawyer can help make the legal process less cumbersome and fulfill the role as a confident advocate to resolve these issues. The Los Angeles law firm of Gleason & Favarote LLP is dedicated to employment law. Our attorneys provide skilled representation for large public corporations and small private businesses throughout California.

Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys

Employment law is a broad area governed by numerous state and federal laws, regulations, administrative decisions, and case law. We are experienced with virtually every type of employment law case, including discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and wage and hour claims. Additionally, our attorneys are skilled in handling class and representative actions and providing our clients with employment counseling.

We know employers today are more regulated than ever, and they can feel overwhelmed by the myriad details involved in an employment law claim. Clients benefit from our efficiency and meticulous attention to detail, as well as the litigation experience of our attorneys.

The resolution of every case is guided by our progressive firm philosophy to attain client satisfaction through a combined offering of professional client service and efficient representation. From the start, a client works directly with a senior lawyer in a business relationship that continues until the final resolution of the case.

We represent clients in state and federal court, arbitration, mediation and before administrative agencies. Throughout the legal process for every case, we use a pragmatic approach to identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and then we formulate creative legal solutions. For example, in appropriate cases, exploring early settlement can avoid the cost and time obligations of trial litigation. In other cases, aggressive litigation is necessary from the outset of the matter. In all cases, however, we determine the defense strategy only after close consultation with the client and a careful analysis of the claims and defenses.

LA County Employment Litigation Attorney

If you would like to discuss an employment law issue in California, contact us. Please call 213-452-0510 or send an e-mail to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We believe excellent client service always includes good communication, and we have Spanish and Korean translation services available.