Training and Workplace Investigations


The Los Angeles law firm of Gleason & Favarote LLP provides training and workplace investigations for clients throughout California. As lawyers dedicated to employment law representation for businesses, we are confident in our capacity to effectively resolve any training or workplace investigation issue.

Los Angeles Employment Law Training Attorneys

Through ongoing business partnerships that often include legal advocacy as employment counselors, we help clients train managers regarding employment laws. Frequently, clients can benefit from a more streamlined, consistent approach for addressing training and workplace investigations, including:

  • Requiring sexual harassment training for managers
  • Conducting workplace investigations as a mandatory response to harassment complaints

We also assist clients with workplace investigations of employment-related issues. Such investigations may be legally required and may avert potential employment-related claims, including discrimination claims, when done in a prompt and thorough manner.

Our senior lawyers are devoted to efficient employment law representation and always directly interact with clients. The skills we have built through our impressive history of handling related cases help us to provide representation to address current training and workplace investigation issues and to prevent future issues. We routinely advise clients on ways to minimize risk through training processes and other effective approaches.

LA County Workplace Investigations Attorneys

If you would like to discuss a training or workplace investigation issue in California, contact us. Please call 213-452-0510 or send an e-mail to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We believe excellent client service includes good communication, and we have administrative staff available to provide Spanish and Korean translation services.