Wage and Hour Litigation and Training


California’s legal and regulatory framework has created a feeding frenzy in the area of wage and hour litigation. Claims for unpaid overtime, failing to provide meal and rest periods, and other California Labor Code violations are filed against California employers daily, both on an individual and class-wide basis. At the Los Angeles area law firm of Gleason & Favarote LLP, we represent clients with wage an hour litigation issues throughout California.

Los Angeles Wage and Hour Litigation Attorneys

Our lawyers have the experience required to provide quality representation that is efficient and cost-effective. We know that small private businesses and large public corporations need to minimize any potential risk for wage and hour litigation. The potential financial liability is too great to ignore, especially in our current economic environment.

It is vital for any business to have wage and hour policies and procedures in place that comply with federal and state laws and regulations. As a law firm devoted to client results, we leverage years of effective casework to resolve complex wage and hour litigation issues. Using a pragmatic approach that identifies legal solutions early in the process, our experienced lawyers work directly with clients to provide insightful legal guidance.

Lawyers for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

As a federal statute enacted by Congress, the FLSA governs employees’ rights to fair pay. The FLSA covers the requirements of many employment matters, including overtime pay, minimum wage, record keeping and youth employment. We review policies and procedures for FLSA compliance. From an analysis, we can identify potential inconsistencies and provide legal counsel for improved workplace standards, if they are needed. This proactive approach can address issues before incidents occur. Our experienced attorneys are skilled with handling the specific rules of the FLSA and the technicalities involved with federal and state laws.

LA County Fair Wage Attorneys

If you are dealing with a wage and hour litigation issue in California, contact us. Please call 213-452-0510 or send an e-mail to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. We believe excellent client service includes good communication, and we have Spanish, Mandarin and Vietnamese translation services available.